Earn rewards when you pay with your phone

Union Market Level Up

Looking for a more convenient and secure way to shop? Now you can pay with your phone using the LevelUp app at any Union Market location!

It’s an easy and safe way to purchase groceries—and to earn rewards! Get a $2 credit the first time you use LevelUp at Union Market, and for every $125 you spend here using LevelUp, you’ll earn $5 in store credit.*

First you’ll need to download the free app LevelUp and create an account. LevelUp is currently supported on most iPhone, Windows, and Android smartphones. Then you link a credit or debit card—or Apple Pay or Google Wallet—to your LevelUp account, and you’re ready to go!

When you want to pay using LevelUp, just open the app on your phone. It will display a QR code, which you’ll hold up to the white LevelUp scanner at the register after the cashier has rung up your transaction. When the scanner’s light flashes green, it’s successfully scanned the code on your phone. The app will immediately confirm the transaction is complete and you’ll receive a receipt from LevelUp via email.

The LevelUp app makes it easy to track your spending and the rewards you’re earning, and it’s a great way to save if you’re a frequent shopper!

*Please note that rewards and credits are subject to change.