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Three Jerks Beef Jerky
SALE: $3.00 OFF
Reg. $10.99 / 3 oz
Handcrafted beef jerky made from lean, tender filet mignon that’s marinated to savory perfection. This soft, succulent beef jerky is the ideal protein-based snack when you’re on the go. Free of gluten, nitrates, and artificial ingredients.
Chobani “A Hint of Flavor” Greek Yogurt
SALE: 4 FOR $5.00
Reg. $1.89 each / 5.3 oz
Chobani’s sophisticated new line combines their creamy low-fat Greek yogurt with a hint of flavor and some subtle sweetness. High in protein, low in sugar and full of live probiotic cultures. Special excludes Flip and original varieties.
Bilinski Chicken Sausage
SALE: $1.50 OFF
Reg. $6.99 / 12 oz
Flavorful, juicy all-natural sausage made with antibiotic-free, humanely raised chicken and clean, sustainable ingredients. Fully cooked, gluten-free, soy-free, and available in three tasty varieties. A great option for a quick, nutritious meal!
Alambra Traditional Halloumi
SALE: $2.00 OFF
Reg. $8.99 / 8 oz
A wonderfully versatile brined cheese from Cyprus that’s traditionally grilled or pan-fried and served warm by itself or in a salad. Its salty flavor and springy texture pairs well with melon, peaches, or fresh tomatoes. Made with pasteurized sheep and goat’s milk.
Rebbl Elixirs and Protein Shakes
SALE: $2.00 OFF
Reg. $4.49 - $4.99 each / 12 oz
These herbal elixirs and nutrient-dense protein shakes are downright delicious. Rich, creamy, and made with potent herbal adaptogens and organic, Fair Trade ingredients to keep you energized all day long. The perfect pick-me-up!
Sound Sparkling Tea
SALE: 3 FOR $5.00
Reg. $2.49 each / 12 oz
Simply organic, unsweetened tea and bubbles—how much more refreshing can you get? With their crisp, clean flavors and pure, all-natural ingredients, you’ll forget about sugary sodas in a second. Try each one of their uniquely effervescent flavors!
Union Market Pasta Sauce
Sale: $1.00 OFF
Reg. $5.49 / 25 oz
Our sauces stand out from the crowd because we use only the season’s best Jersey tomatoes and the highest quality all-natural ingredients like extra virgin olive oil, pure sea salt, and fresh herbs. No added sugar, artificial ingredients, or tomato paste here!
Union Market Extra Virgin Olive Oil
SALE: $2.00 OFF
Reg. $12.99 / 750 mL
Light-bodied and fruity, with a touch of pepper at the finish. Cold-pressed and bottled in central Italy from 100% Italian olives. Versatile and economical enough to use every day, and also delicate and delicious enough to use for special occasions.