Breaking the Yom Kippur fast

Union Market - Yom Kippur

Observing Yom Kippur? We have everything you’ll need to create a beautiful, satisfying spread that you can easily put together in advance.

Bagels and lox are a classic combo for breaking the fast, so stop by one of our stores to pick up some delicious locally made bagels, delivered fresh every morning. You’ll find them at the bakery counter in a variety of classic flavors.

Of course, we also have cream cheese, including tofu cream cheese, and our own Union Market brand smoked salmon, as well as our Union Market fresh-squeezed, never-pasteurized OJ for a bright pick-me-up to go with your bagels and lox.

And for a homemade variation on traditional smoked salmon, try our recipe for gravlax. This light, refreshing Nordic take on lox has just a hint of sweetness and a peppery, herbal kick from being cured with branches of fresh dill.

And the best part is it can all be made ahead so you don’t have to fuss with cooking when the time comes. Just layer on a fresh bagel with a good schmear and you’re all set!