Cleaner and Greener

Right from the start, we knew that we wanted Union Market to be an environmentally friendly business.

That drove our decisions about two of the biggest sustainability issues any grocer has to deal with: energy and waste. So our stores run on 100% green power from wind and hydroelectric sources. We separate our plastic, glass and metal refuse for weekly recycling by a private contractor. And we compost all of our organic waste.

We’re also thinking green when it comes to bagging your groceries. We’d like to phase out plastic bags completely over time. Until then, we’re using bags with TDPA, an additive that breaks plastic down quickly and safely in landfills. We’ve even got a special bin where you can drop your used plastic bags for recycling.

And to help you make the switch from plastic for good, we stock a range of reusable, stylish fabric tote bags at affordable prices.

The products we carry reflect our environmental concerns, too. Check our shelves, and you’ll see that we support local farmers and businesses by selling their goods. We carry organic or all-natural goods whenever possible. And we don’t sell factory-farmed meat or poultry.